What you should know about House siding

House siding is the process of applying exterior materials to the walls of the house or building to protect its walls from the effect of weather and at the same time improving the appearance, appeal and value of the home.

Siding can be done horizontally or vertically with boards, shingles and sheet materials. Siding may be made of plastic, masonry, composite material or wood which is directly attached to the building structure or to an intermediate layer of wood which is called sheathing.

Since the building materials expand and contract with the changing of the temperature and humidity, it is advisable to make rigid joints between the siding elements. Therefore Rain screen contraction is used to improve siding ability in order to keep walls dry.

The house siding colors.

Color is one of the first decisions made to reflect on how impressive the buildings will look. In this way, you need to think about the favorite rooms in your house, favorite season or outfits

House Siding Colors

House siding colors are no longer limited to tepid grey and week kneed beige, it now encompasses on greater swath of the rainbow, though not everything can be appealing.

Though there is improvement in color fast technology, solid colors like solid green, gold, brown and reds still fade faster than light colors, and if color fades, that means higher maintenance cost may apply.

Below are the types of house siding

House siding materials have varied over years, they include; wood siding, aluminum, vinyl siding, hard board siding, fiber glass, cement fiber siding, Dutch lap siding, mastic Vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding

This was introduced to the market in 1950s which replaced aluminum. Vinyl Siding is plastic exterior manufactured primarily from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) used for weather proofing and decorating the house. It is used to imitating wood clapboard instead of material like fiber cement.. It is of low cost, versatility and easy to maintain therefore becoming most popular choose in the United States.

Vinyl Siding

House Siding

Dutch lap siding

This produces strong shadow lines. And it is a popular alternative to the standard clap board faced. It has multiple courses with typical reveals of 3 to 5 inches. It grew popular in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States in the early settler’s day.

Mastic Vinyl Siding

This is simply the best available tested to sustain winds from 165 to 240mph. It goes through quality control process that enables ongoing beauty and performance for years. It is also appreciated as one of the strongest and dependable brand around to provide wind resistance, color constancy and withstanding all weather conditions.

Mastic Vinyl Siding is commonly used in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama which experiences effects of tropical storms. It is durable and comes in styles and designs for your choice. Mastic Vinyl Siding is certified by experts as superior durable and dependable with more than 700 ( seven Hundred) colors to choose from.

Mastic Vinyl Siding

Logo of Mastic Siding Company

Housing Options

There a number of materials that suits the style of your house and also to fit your life style. When choosing the right siding, below are the basic issues you need to consider

· Ease of installation, if you are to install the siding by yourself, make sure it is within the skill set and no required special tools for example Vinyl has an option for to do yourself, since mistakes are costly make sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturers.

· Durability, does the siding have the ability to resist temperatures in the present climate? Aluminum siding though out dated is fairly durable, fire proof and not considered harmful to health and environment.

· Versality, make sure that the siding meet your varied needs of the specific project. If the building is in a tropical climate with intensive weather conditions Mastic Vinyl Siding can be considered since it’s designed to withstanding all weather conditions.

· Water resistant, water resistant types will have longer life span. Dutch Lap cost is super resistant to water and air infiltration over wood siding.

· Wood siding, this makes the house look rich but it requires periodic maintenance chalking, painting, staining to prevent weather damages.

· Brick siding,

This gives a beautiful look and has been used for hundreds of years and stands the test of time due to the membrane installed between the bricks veneer protecting the house. Installing bricks is labor intensive, but cheaper in the long run compared to siding option

House siding cost

This is considered to be one of the wisest investments a home owner can make, it seems to be expensive but pays off.

Vinyl siding

This is vulnerable to cracking, mold, emulates about 32% of homes in United States feature Vinyl siding

· Cost per square foot $2 to $3

· Expected siding cost is $7000

· Cost of Mastic Vinyl siding

Ensure that your remodeling budget doesn’t go overboard. In this way, you need to understand the average cost of product in your area.

Below is the estimates cost categorized into Basic, Better and Best


  • Basic material prices $120-$192
  • Basic Installation cost $252-$384
  • Basic square foot $3.9


  • Better material prices $168-$252
  • Better Installation cost $360-$516
  • Better square foot $5.4

The Best

  • Best material prices $240-$336
  • Best Installation cost $504-$648
  • Best Square foot $7.2

It is advisable to get three to five estimates before you hire a contractor and also expect the price to fluctuate between various companies.

Dutch Lap cost

This has been around since colonial days. It is super resistant to water and air infiltration over wood siding. The scoop creates well defined lines a house is completely sided.

Most Dutch lap siding are double board width with each 4.5 inches, however, 4 and 5 inches boards are available.

Below are the siding prices that feet the budget.

Premium level:

Per square and higher cost $100

This comes with

  1. Alside prodigy
  2. Mastic Structure. EPS
  3. Insulated CertainTeed cede boards.
  4. Medium $70 to $100 per square
  5. Certain Teed momgram 46
  6. Mastic liberty Elite

Value level

  • $50 to $70 per square
  • Mastic mill creek
  • Voile Encore

The siding price is dependable but one should be able to add beautiful shadow lines of the Dutch lap siding to your home on any of the siding budget.

The above is what you should know about House siding.

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